How can you help the people of Amdework?

Phase 1 and Phase 2 are still in construction. As the founders of LSDG, Steven, Oswald and Laurent have already funded the first steps of the project. Now they need your help!

Currently we need 35 000€ to fulfil the project. Of these, 3000€ are urgently needed to restart the construction.


Donate money by transfer

IBAN: BE18 0688 9225 8365
Bank: Belfius
Mention: donation Amdework

A tax certificate will be delivered for donation from 40€



Volunteering would be of great use for us on site, in Amdework!

If you are interested to volunteer for us, please contact


Buy our postcards

Out of our travels to Amdework, we made wonderful pictures that we printed in postcards. These would be lovely to send to your friends and
family for birthdays or Christmas!

Come and buy some at our office, or contact

8 postcards for 10€