Case Study 1: Katanga, Congo

Research on how to implement open source thinking to humanitarian architecture, started within the frame of (OS).

The os project is an art/research project, initiated by designer Thomas Lommée, which investigates how to bring the concept of ‘open source’ from software to hardware, from virtual worlds to real-world designs.
Online services and products like Wikipedia, Firefox and linux already use the open source methodology. individuals contribute to an everchanging project by sharing knowledge, ideas and designs and finally contributing to the realization of the common goods. By doing so, a community emerges spontaneously around the project in which the user is no longer a passive consumer but rather an active and creative participant.

BCs worked with OS to apply the concept of “open source” to humanitarian architecture. the result was Case study n°1: a modular, new construction knot that could hold all kinds of (recycled) material, an infrastructural vision focused on re-use and cyclical thinking, a design for communial interaction and initiative.

Team: Brussels Cooperation Studies with

Exhibited and workshops in: ‘Z33’, Hasselt (BE), ‘Museum Stroom’, Den Haag  (NL), ‘Bits ‘n’ Pieces’, New York (US), ‘DMY Design Festival’, Berlin (DE), ‘Design Milan’, Milan (IT), …

Published in Metropolis design magazine, New York (US), Domus magazine (IT), …