Amdework School

The appraisal of the Pre-primary School project was more straightforward. The site already chosen has a newly constructed 2classrooms type of structure made of a corrugated iron roofing laid on a eucalyptus stick frame structure , with the walls filled with mud and straw.
During the visit of the site, it appeared that the location for the school was correct and the size and layout of the newly built classroom of an acceptable standard. The architects commented however that the construction system and the structure were of ephemeral nature and that with the help of technical advice, a more appropriate structure for the walls and roof frame could be developed.
It has then been suggested that a new two classroom unit could be built next to the existing one, using “ameliorated” appropriate technologies to be proposed by the visiting team. Once constructed the new classrooms can replace the old ones which in turn would then be re-constructed according to the lessons learned from the “ameliorated” typology.
The visiting team is ready to provide the plans and technical details to go that route and some tech- nical backup could be envisaged.
To enable the architects to do so, the local authorities will provide a detailed survey of the terrain and the existing premises on the site.