• Approach

    We believe in “incremental approach” through “acupunctural” action where modest changes yield big results. We have in common a commitment to sustained research into local conditions and close collaboration with local communities.

  • LSDG founding members

    Steven Beckers, Oswald Dellicour, Laurent Ney and Wout Soer with members of DAF Foundation, the local partner, near Amdework, Ethiopia.

  • The young LSDG generation

    Dagnu, Adey and Ken work closely together with LSDG founders, making LSDG a dynamic and intergenerational organisation.


Local Solution Development Group (LSDG) is a recently established “not for profit” organization in Brussels gathering professionals from the construction sector with experience in development project and the spirit of bringing high expertise on a voluntary basis to underserved local communities. They believe in “incrementalism” as a general approach through “acupunctural” action where modest changes yield big results. They have in common a commitment to sustained research into local conditions and close collaboration with local communities.

Local Solution Development Group (LSDG) is an intercultural and intergenerational group of professionals, who met by coincidences of life. LSDG was founded by Oswald Dellicour, Steven Beckers and Laurent Ney, all three teaching at ULB in Brussels. The initiative of forming a non for profit professional group followed a working experience on a competition for a Bank headquarter  project in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia. The concrete opportunity came through the contact with Wout Soer, a Dutch expert working for the World Bank  in Ethiopia and who had just been contacted by a local NGO “Dehana Amdework Foundation” (DAF) representing the community of the village ‘Amdework’, in the north of Ethiopia, cut-off from infrastructural and economical routes.

A cooperation between Ethiopia and Belgium began, to try and put Amdework on the map.

After a first visit to the village in December 2010, back in Brussels, Oswald Dellicour met Nicolas Coeckelberghs of Building Case Studies (BCS), a young architecture firm researching community-based approaches. BCs started to cooperate on the project, and are joined by Adey Tadesse and Dagnachew Getachew, two equally young Ethiopian architects who had worked for the same office Synergy International.

Now, LSDG comprises an experienced generation with high expertise in development construction, building sector network, and structural know-how, and an enthousiastic generation of young architects who desire to better the world. Together with the Dehana Amdework Foundation, a strong local partner, this is a team that tries to bring local solutions in a globalised world.



Oswald Dellicour  is an architect who developed a long experience of development projects specialy in Africa and received the Aga Khan Award for a Earthen Architecture  project in Senegal. He has constructed in Mali, Mauritania, Rwanda, Burundi, Ethiopia, and worked as consultant for several multilateral organisations. He is founder and Partner at Synergy International, an environmentaly driven architecture firm in Belgium.

Steven Beckers is Cradle2Cradle accredited architect, CEO of Lateral Thinking Factory, international consultancy in sustainable architecture, urban design and construction products. Partner with EPR architects (London1986-1996), Head architect of EC HQ Berlaymont (B 96-2000) and partner with Art&Build Architect( B 2000-2011). Master of Conference ULB VUB BATir/Bruface,(B 2003-ctd).Vice President of SECO building Control (B 2006-ctd), Aga Khan 1985, Mipim, PLEA 98, Leaf, Bex ICSC sustainability architecture awards.

Laurent Ney is a renowned structural engineer and founder of Ney & partners, having worked all over the world for projects that combine structural logics with elegant solutions.

BCs is a young architectural firm, researching community driven projects. Their research has been exhibited in New York, Berlin, Milaan, Den Haag with the OpenStructures.net project, and right now they are working on a school for deaf children in Burundi.

Adey Tadesse and Dagnachew Getachew are two young Ethiopian architects, with experience in architecture practices in Addis Abeba, and teaching at the EIABC Addis Abeba. They both studied the MA Human Settlements at KULeuven.